Meera Majevadia
Meera Majevadia


A huge congratulations to our Performer In Progress Award Winner 2022, 39 year-old Meera Majevadia from Brighton.

Meera says: ‘I'm still in shock and in disbelief that I've actually won! In fact, I think it would be fair to say iv been shocked at every stage of the process. I genuinely went in thinking however far I get, I'm a winner for gaining experience and surpassing my own personal fears. I've challenged myself to stay determined and to chase my dreams. It's never too late to start trying to do the things that echo in your soul and I hope my boys will see that too.

I'm extremely excited for what the future holds and the doors that will open. I'm humbled to have been selected for this incredible opportunity and I am so utterly grateful to Bazan Talent Agency for seeing my potential.’

@agentnathaliebazan says: each year the search for our winner gets harder and harder and this year was no exception the talent was incredible and we very much enjoyed meeting new actors from across the country. I am very pleased to announce Meera as our winner this year, she is a bright beautiful lady who does not recognise her full potential as of yet and no doubt with our training and mentoring she will grow and exceed in her acting and as a performer. I’m very honoured to be a part of her acting journey and look forward to what the future brings for her’.

A huge congratulations also to our official runner-up and second place Vashane Monroe and our third place goes to Martell Elliot.

Updated: 08.04.2022

Performer In Progress Award

What is the Bazan Talent Agency 's Performer in Progress Award?
The performer and progress award offers the opportunity for one individual actor to train alongside mentor Nathalie Bazan resulting in working towards being considered for a spotlight membership and being offered representation by the Bazan Talent Agency.


What are the specifications I need to be considered?
An individual 16 years + from any background based in the U.K with a passion for acting and the performing arts. You do not have to be drama trained and we do consider actors who have had training also. You do not need to have any professional experience for stage or screen.


What does the performer in progress award include?

  • 1 Year Free Drama Training- we offer our performer in progress winner free training for one year to all our courses and workshops at the Moseley Exchange, Birmingham, allowing you to learn and gain new skills, as well as prepare you for the professional acting industry. The courses run on weekdays 7pm-9pm throughout terms commencing Winter (February) Spring Term (March-April) Summer (May-June) and Autumn (September-October) 2021-2022

  • Free Headshots- A professional headshot session and headshots with a professional headshot photographer. 

  • Free Showreel - filmed by the Bazan Talent Agency which incudes two showreel scenes to fit your casting for screen.

  • A Theatre Credit- An opportunity to be cast in a professional theatre production alongside critically acclaimed Lying Lips Theatre Company and work towards your professional acting credits towards your spotlight application (if non spotlight).

  • Full Time Representation- Our winner will also receive full time agency representation with Bazan Talent Agency as their agent within the year. Signing will be offered when we are confident and satisfied with our winners progress and growth.

  • Free 1 Year Spotlight Membership- We are very proud to announce that Spotlight (the home of casting) will offer a career

  • 1-2-1 with one of their membership team. A year's free membership once approved from spotlight and if you are a spotlight young performer you will also receive a free years membership.


Submissions for our Performer In Progress Award 2022 are now officially CLOSED. Thank you to all actors who submitted for this years Performer In Progress Award 2022.

BTA x 

Performer In Progress Award Applicatons: 

  • Applications for this years PIP Award 2022 are now officially closed. We look forward to welcoming you next year! 

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Performer In Progress Award Alumni





KASAI PARCHMENT- Performer in Progress Award Winner 2021

Kasai Parchment is our performer in progress award winner 2021. He made his professional stage debut in 'HECUBA' at the Crescent Theatre in March 2022 playing the role of 'Taylthibius' where he recieved a ****four star review from John Kennedy at the Reviews Hub.

He has completed his training alongside Bazan Talent Agency and is awaiting his headshots and representation alongside us! 


TRINITY BENJAMIN - Performer in Progress Award Winner 2020

Trinity Benjamin was crowned our performer in progress award winner 2020. Despite the pandemic, Bazan Talent Agency (BTA) were able to continue the audition process via self tapes, and then at the Belgrade Theatre during the summer. Trinity commenced her years full drama training alongside the BTA in February 2021 and experienced her headshots with Jessica Raphael Photography.

Trinity made her stage debut with critically acclaimed Lying Lips Theatre Company's and their adaptation of Euripides 'HECUBA', at the Crescent Theatre in March 2022. She has also officially joined Spotlight and is now represented by Bazan Talent Agency.



JESSICA MANNION- Performer in Progress Award Winner 2019

Jessica Mannion from Manchester, completed her training alongside us back in 2019.

Her headshot session was booked with Andy Brown Photography in London, who delivered some great headshots for Jessica. She was cast in 'Antigone' at the Lyric Theatre Hammersmith directed by Roy Alexander Weise (JMK Winner/ National Theatre.)

Trinity Benjamin
Jessica Mannion Headshot 1.jpeg