Our Performer in Progress Award Winner 2020 Trinity Benjamin

Our Performer in Progress Award Top Three, winner Trinity Benjamin, 

Fattah Ahmed and Sadie Townsend.

Re-calls at the Belgrade Theatre with actor and finalist Mark Newmann


The search is now over as we have our Performer In Progress Award Winner 2020, and it goes to 19 year old Trinity Benjamin from Birmingham! 

Trinity will receive a full years drama training to all our courses and workshops, free headshots with a professional headshot photographer, a free showreel to demonstrate her acting for screen,  an opportunity to be cast in a professional theatre production and of course full time representation with our agency. 

A huge congratulations also to our official runner up Fattah Ahmed, and Sadie Townsend who made the top three! 

Fattah Ahmed who will receive 121 mentorship with director Nathalie Bazan.

Sadie Townsend has been offered full time representation and will join the agency as a client. 

With special thanks to this year's special judge artistic director of Strictly Arts Theatre Company and Co-Artistic Director of the Belgrade Theatre Coventry, Corey Campbell. 

A few words from this years judges: ''This has been one of the toughest pip years we have had, as everyone was so talented! To everyone who submitted, to our final 25 who had to self tape due to the pandemic, and then our final ten, to top three  thank you so much for being apart of it! Everyone was great and did so well. We really saw Trinity's potential as a performer, and her versatility for stage and screen. We are very excited to work alongside her and commence this journey together.''- Nathalie Bazan (Director/ Judge) 

Our search for our Performer In Progress 2021 will commence in February of next year as our submissions open on Monday 1st February 2021. (Please note submissions made earlier to the date stated will not be considered.) 


Initial audition date: Sunday 7th March 2021 / 12pm-2pm

Recall date: Sunday 21st March 2021 / 12pm-2pm 

We look forward to next year Performer In Progress Award search! 



Our performer in progress award is our annual search to find one individual actor through an audition process, that will benefit from drama training and mentorship from the Bazan Talent Agency. Our award winner will receive a full years training to all our courses and workshops, free headshots with a professional headshot photographer, a free showreel filmed by BTA,  an opportunity to be cast in a professional theatre production and of course full time representation with our agency!

As an agency we understand how difficult the professional acting industry can be. Director and founder Nathalie Bazán supports actors from any background and enabling them to grow to achieve their full potential. 


What is the Bazan Talent Agency 's Performer in Progress Award?
The performer and progress award offers the opportunity for one individual actor to train alongside mentor Nathalie Bazan resulting in working towards being considered for a spotlight membership and being offered representation by the Bazan Talent Agency.


What are the specifications I need to be considered?
An individual 16 years + from any background with a passion for acting and the performing arts. You do not have to be drama trained and we do consider actors who have had training also. You do not need to have any professional experience for stage or screen.


What does the performer in progress award include?

  • Drama Training- we offer our performer in progress free training for one year to all our courses and workshops at the Midlands Arts Centre - MAC, allowing you to learn and gain new skills, as well as prepare you for the professional acting industry.

    • The courses run on weekdays 7pm-9pm throughout terms. Winter (February) Spring Term (March-April) Summer (May-June) and Autumn (September-October) 2021.

  •  A professional headshot session and headshots with a professional headshot photographer.

  • A free show reel filmed by the Bazan Talent Agency which incudes two showreel scenes to fit your casting for screen.

  • An opportunity to be cast in a professional theatre show alongside Lying Lips Theatre Company and work towards your professional acting credits.


Submissions for our Performer In Progress Award 2021 open next year on Monday 1st February 2021. (Please note submissions made prior to the submission date will not be accepted.)

Details on how you can submit will be posted in the new year! 

We look forward to hearing from you soon! 

BTA x 

Updated 12.07.2020



Performer In Progress Award

PIP Award Winner 2019 Jessica Mannion in Uta Hagen Class

Performer In Progress 2020 Recall Auditionees 

Winner will receive a free showreel with Bazan Talent Agency

PIP recall auditionee Rhianna Morris 


Our Performer In Progress 2020-2021 went to 19 year old Trinity Benjamin!

Trinity Benjamin from Birmingham auditioned alongside 25 others, making it through to the re-calls held at the Belgrade Theatre and then becoming our performer in progress (PIP) award winner 2020. 

She will commence her full time drama training with the agency next year come February where she will study the teachings of Uta Hagen, The Laban Technique as well as Voice coaching, Script Work and Movement. 

She has been cast in critically acclaimed theatre company  

Lying Lips's adaptation of 'Hecuba' by Euripides set in the Amazon Rainforest which will be performed next year (2021). 


 I am over the moon to be this years Performer In Progress. You have been so supportive from the start of this process! Thank you for seeing the potential in me. This means so much to me, I feel as though I am on track and one step closer to my dream! I am ready to work hard and I’m so eager to start!!- Trinity Benjamin


2019- JESSICA MANNION- Jessica Mannion has completed her drama training alongside the Bazan Talent Agency. She is now officially trained in Uta Hagen, The Laban Technique, Screen Acting and Self Taping as well as becoming an official actor on Spotlight. Her headshot session was booked with Andy Brown Photography who delivered some great headshots for Jessica. She was cast in 'Antigone' at the Lyric Theatre Hammersmith directed by Roy Alexander Weise (JMK Winner/ National Theatre.)

2018-SAVANNAH GALLO- Savannah Gallo won our PIP Award 2018. She became an official spotlight member and made her stage debut with Lying Lips Theatre Company in 'If My Father Only Knew' playing the character of 'Tori' at the Old Joint Stock Theatre where she received four star reviews for her performance. She receives full time representation with Bazan Talent Agency and in her first year booked her first feature film 'The Maltese Connection', which shot in Ireland last year. She has completed a years tour in Germany with White Horse Theatre, playing the role of  Katarina in Shakespeare's 'Taming of the Shrew' .

Savannah has been cast in 'Hecuba' with Lying Lips Theatre Company in May 2021 at the Crescent Theatre where she will be playing the role of 'Polyxena'.

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