We received over 100 submissions from actors all across the U.K. We called in our top 20, followed by our final 10 re-callers until it was decision time and only one actor could be our next performer in progress. This year's performer in progress 2019-2020 went to 23 year old Jessica Mannion from Manchester!

''I am absoultely thrilled, I can't beleive its me! Thank you so much! This opportunity is so big, i'm so grateful and I am so excited to commence work and training, this really means everything.''- Jessica Mannion

Jessica Mannion will receive free drama training and access to all our courses and workshops hosted by Bazan Talent Agency. She will work alongside midlands based theatre company Lying Lips in their 2020 shows as well as receiving headshots by a leading professional headshot photographer. Not only that, she will film her free showreel scenes alongside local film maker Idriss Assamanou and receive full representation from Bazan Talent Agency as we help support and guide her as an actor entering the professional acting industry.


We are very much looking forward to representing Jessica and all her future endeavours!

Could you be our next Performer In Progress 2020-2021?

Submissions will open for this years performer in progress on

1st March 2020.



As an agency we understand how difficult the professional acting industry can be. Director and founder Nathalie Bazán supports actors from any background and enabling them to grow to achieve their full potential. 

What is the Bazan Talent Agency 's Performer in Progress?
The performer and progress award offers the opportunity for one individual actor to train alongside mentor Nathalie Bazan resulting in working towards being considered for a spotlight membership and being offered representation by the Bazan Talent Agency.

What are the specifications I need to be considered?
An individual 16 years + from any background with a passion for acting and the performing arts. You do not have to be drama trained and we do consider actors who have had training also. You do not need to have any professional experience for stage or screen.

What does the performer in progress award include?

  • Drama Training- we offer our performer in progress free training to all our courses and workshops at the Midlands Arts Centre - MAC, allowing you to learn and gain new skills as well as prepare you for the professional acting industry.

  • The courses run on weekdays throughout terms. The PIP term commences from Spring (May-June) and  (Autumn) August-October 2020.

  • An opportunity to be cast in a professional theatre show alongside Lying Lips Theatre Company and work towards your professional acting credits.

  • A free show reel, including 2 show reel scenes to fit your casting.

  •  A professional headshot session with a professional headshot photographer.



To apply please send a cover letter stating why you wish to be considered for this years PIP, along with a headshot or photograph of yourself and an acting cv to:

If your submission is successful you will be invited to the first round of auditions on Sunday 29th March 2020 in Birmingham.

We look forward to receiving your submission!





Our Performer In Progress 2018-2019 went to actor and client Savannah Gallo!

Since joining our agency she has become a spotlight member, received a four star review for her performance as 'Tori' in 'If My Father Only Knew' at the Old Joint Stock Theatre March 2019 from credible stage magazine Whats' On Stage, starred in a feature film shot in Ireland and is now booked for a year tour in Germany with White Horse Theatre Company.

Some words from our Performer In Progress 2018-2019 ⭐️

“As the ‘Performer in Progress’ for 2018-2019 I can only tell you how important and how wonderful of an opportunity this really is. CEO of the Bazan Talent Agency Nathalie Bazan is a key contact to have to help guide you, support you and drive your career forward within this industry. If you aren’t sure if you are right for this opportunity and are doubting yourself trust me I have been there.


I have performed since a young age until I got to a point where my confidence was shot and I didn’t believe in myself so I left my passion and my dream for what was safe and that lasted for 5 YEARS! (Yes I went a little insane). Last year I got in touch with the Bazan Talent Agency as I had heard that it was the first agency of its kind in the Midlands, so I was keen to learn more about how this agency really competed with those in London.


I spoke with Nathalie and she saw something she believed in me and chose to mentor me and support me, someone with no professional experience and safe to say extremely rusty having been out the game so long. I am so glad she took a chance on me because within the last year she has helped me get on Spotlight, do a number of showreel scenes, organised my headshots, provided me with industry knowledge about how to showcase myself and talent in the best possible light to casting directors. Her wealth of knowledge from being in the industry and her own experiences, has helped taken my career to the next level.

Over the last year I was successful on 3 professional jobs as well as a multitude of experience building opportunities which have lead to a YEAR LONG CONTRACT IN GERMANY! In our world getting work is hard so being guaranteed work in ANOTHER COUNTRY, let alone for a YEAR is insane!

The classes I have taken hosted by the Bazan Talent Agency, Nathalie’s 1-1 mentoring, the agency’s and her individual support but not only this, the support of my fellow actors in the agency has only made me go from strength to strength and my career is taking off.

If you want this to be your next journey, your next year then I urge you to apply, not for anyone else but for yourself because you have to take charge of your career that’s a given but if you know you need help and that starting push and to be part of an agency that cares along with a mentor who really cares then here it is!

I promise you, there is no way you could possibly regret applying.''


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