We at Bazan Talent Agency offer high quality professional drama training for both stage and screen.


Our courses and workshops have received 100% satisfaction rates from actors and five star ratings.


We welcome all actors from any level and background to a professional, fun and friendly environment. Whether this be your first time training alongside us, or you are a returning student, we aim to ensure you learn new skills and techniques in your chosen subject, gain confidence and make new friends.

We believe that anything is possible and are here to support you with your determination to succeed!

Please find our official Spring programme 2020 below.


We are now taking bookings for all our courses and workshops listed.

To book or for any further enquires please e-mail:

We look forward to welcoming you to class!

''I cannot recommend the monthly workshops highly enough. Always taking a different aspect of the profession, the advice given and positive atmosphere helps you gain confidence and improve your own techniques. Well, it's certainly helping me!'' -Kerry Frater

''I've been attending workshops with Bazan Talent Agency, & they're great fun. I've met lovely people and I've been learning a lot. I'd definitely recommend these classes/workshops! ''- Leona Igoe


Accents and Phonetics Course

Term Two


Level: All levels welcome /FULLY BOOKED

To add your name to the waiting list should a place become available please e:mail -

Location: Midlands Arts Centre (MAC) Cole Room 

Dates: 5-week course/ Commencing Wednesday Evenings.

Wednesday 2nd/ 9th/ 16th/ 23rd/ 30th September 2020.

Time: 7pm-9pm

Cost: £125pp / *£50 deposit is required to secure place.


Howdy! You alright' our kid? Good day to you sir!

Accents. The one thing that can help broaden your casting versatility as an actor. 

Whether they are foreign to you or you wish to perfect them, our accent course teaches you phonetics (the study of speech sounds) and a range of accents including: Southern American States, Liverpool, Scottish and RP, plus we will also cover an accent of your choice!

Including articulation exercises and tongue twisters this course is set for any actor who wishes to learn how to be able to practise and learn any accent.


To book or for any questions please e-mail:

***** ''The screen acting course was a refreshing approach and I learnt how to recognise what I express on screen!''- Jack Whitehurst

***** ''We receive feedback each week and we focused on learning new skills. I gained more confidence and understood the technical approach to screen acting.''-Ariya Larker

Screen Acting 5 Week Course

Immersive Practical Training 


Level: All levels welcome./ LIMITED SPACES REMAIN

Location: Midlands Arts Centre (MAC) 


Time: 7pm-9pm

Cost: £125pp / *£50 deposit is required to secure place.

Exploring screen acting through story and script, character and performance and acting methods and techniques, our screen acting course is for actors who wish to gain knowledge and skills both in front and behind the camera.

We introduce script analysis, cover your casting for the professional industry as well as self taping tips, ensuring you gain confidence with new skills that will help you for any given casting opportunity.


All tapes are recorded throughout the course using high quality camera's, enabling you to watch your personal growth and development each week as well as using them for your own personal use!

To book or for any questions please e-mail: 

Uta Hagen Advanced Acting Course

Term Two




Level: All levels welcome./ LIMITED SPACES REMAIN

Location: Midlands Arts Centre (MAC) / Randle Studio


Time: 7pm-9pm

Cost: £125pp / *£50 deposit is required to secure place.


Considered as one of the most greatest theatre  and acting practitioners  of all time, this course introduces and focuses the teachings of Uta Hagen and her respect for acting.

Covering her 9 questions, exercises and techniques for attention to detail, over the period of 5 weeks, this course will allow you to step in and be challenged whilst recognising your mistakes and allowing you to grow to give your best honest and believable performance.

To book or for more information please e-mail: 

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