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We are Bazan Talent Agency

We are Bazan Talent Agency.

We are exclusive.

We represent contemporary and exciting actors who stay true to themselves and their art.

As an agency we submit our clients for acting work for stage, screen, commercials, photography and voice overs.

We take pride in representing actors from all social, religious and ethnical backgrounds.

We encourage our actors to stay true to themselves and showcase their unique individuality, talent and skills.

We welcome and support actors from trained, untrained and training backgrounds.

We use honest feedback to allow our clients to be able to grow, succeed and be the best they can be.

We are a community.

We take pride in offering friendly, trustworthy and reliable working relationships that allow our actors to work hard and feel safe.

As an agency our aim is to support our clients through their acting journey. Offering guidance, advice and mentorship to help them achieve.

Professionalism is always maintained, working alongside our clients, both on and off books developing a close fun and friendly personal relationship to build a strong actor-client relationship.

'At Bazan Talent Agency we believe if you want to go fast go alone, but if you want to go far go together.' #team - Head Agent and Director: Nathalie Bazan


Nathalie Bazan

Director/ Head Agent 

Nathalie Bazan

Nathalie is Bazan Talent Agency's director and head agent. She is also the head drama tutor for our BTA Students where she trains aspiring actors. 

She is an established playwright, screen writer, theatre director, and drama tutor who enjoys any creative space. Nathalie trained and graduated from the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire in 2014 with a BA Hons in Acting. She is the artistic director for the critically acclaimed Lying Lips Theatre Company based in Birmingham. 

Nathalie enjoys teaching all things acting and watching individuals grow out of their comfort zones. 'If you don't try you'll never know', 'believe that you can and you will' and 'short term sacrifice, long term gain' are her quotes she lives by daily.

Instagram: @agentnathaliebazan


Phoebe Benson

Phoebe Benson

Phoebe is head assistant here at Bazan Talent Agency.

She works alongside Nathalie to ensure all our clients are supported through their

representation alongside us.

With a passion for connecting talent with opportunities, she is always willing to help performers get to the next level of their acting journey. Phoebe continues to build strong working relationships with actors, production companies and casting directors, and enjoys networking and events


She is very excited about the future of the agency. 

Instagram: @phoebebazantalent



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