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Who we are :


Bazan Talent Agency established BTA Students in 2018, by head agent and director Nathalie Bazan, who recognised a need for a space to welcome actors from all levels and backgrounds to a safe, professional and fun environment, where they can continue their passion for acting to help launch their career.

At Bazan Talent Agency we are extremely passionate about the drama and acting training we offer. We ensure that a professional and fun environment is maintained throughout our classes, enabling you as an actor to be in a safe creative space that allows you to learn at your own pace and grow in confidence in your chosen subject. 

Since 2018, we have successfully trained over 100 actors in various drama courses and workshops. Some of our students have gone on to drama school to continue their passion for acting, others have signed with the Bazan Talent Agency after recognising potential and growth, and many have decided to continue training alongside us, becoming an official BTA student.

Whether you are a beginner, a graduate, or an experienced actor who wishes to learn or brush up on their skills, we here at Bazan Talent Agency are ready to welcome you to class. We aim to support your acting journey, challenge you, as well as build new relationships and friendships within the acting community.

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Acting Training :


Our professional drama training consists of 5-week courses held at the Moseley Exchange here in Birmingham, and run from March-November of every year.

Our programmes (spring, summer, autumn and winter)  are designed to be able to offer you a variation of drama techniques and skills, including practical and theory which will allow you to learn and exceed as an actor. 

From the teachings of Laban, Uta Hagen, Stanislavski, Meisner-to script work, classical studies, composition, voice, body and wellbeing, we ensure we deliver high quality drama training to each class.

We also host our seasonal workshops, (spring, summer, autumn and winter) held on Sunday afternoons, which can also offer a taster to who we are and what we offer. We programme workshops which cover, casting, self tapes, headshots as well as inviting our special guests to teach, including professional drama tutors, screen and theatre directors, casting directors and many more! 


Career : 


Becoming a BTA Student allows you the opportunity to learn about the professional acting industry and develop your career with acting work. We support our BTA Students by offering them opportunities to network as well as putting them forward for professional acting jobs. 

BTA Students provides a platform for actors who need support building up their credits and acting curriculum vitae by providing them with professional paid work and opportunities in the acting industry. Including stage, tv, short films, music videos, corporates and commercials! 

Mentor Nathalie Bazan says: 'BTA Students is the training both in acting and how to be a professional actor. I train my boys and gals to ensure they understand the industry and have the right attitude and professionalism as an actor.  It is what will make you be remembered; what will make you hireable. It is important.' 

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Performance : 


Whilst your acting training is important, it is also just as important to put all your hard work into practise! BTA Students allows you to be able to perform your skills and techniques and all you have learnt along the way- by providing you with showcases, end of term performances to family and friends and professional public performances.

We host our annual stage production in collaboration with critically acclaimed theatre company Lying Lips Theatre Company and for our Performer In Progress Award (please see more info in tab bar), as well as collaborating with local Birmingham theatres, putting on a professional stage show/performance, and inviting professional theatre critics to review.

Past stage performances include:'Tis Pity She's A Whore' ****=Reviews Hub (2024) ,'If My Father Only Knew' (2019) at the Old Joint Stock theatre  receiving **** reviews from What's On Stage. / 'Hecuba' (2021/2022) at the Crescent Theatre receiving **** reviews from The Reviews Hub.


Community : 


We are very proud of the community we have built within our agency and BTA Students. We believe that 'actors are one big family all over the world' and that supporting and encouraging one another is extremely important within the acting community. 

Mentor Nathalie Bazan says, 'It is wonderful seeing friendships being built in class and outside of class and my students really supporting each others growths and acting journeys. It helps build confidence and trust. The industry is competitive and there is a lot of jealousy and negativity at times- but I mentor my actors to ensure that they build a team working relationship and the support and love is very real.'

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How to become a BTA Student :

How do I become a BTA Student?

  • To become a BTA student you simply need to have completed three courses in our official programme throughout the year. (Please click Courses and Workshops on menu tab bar.) The courses do not need to be consecutive and workshops unfortunately do not count.

  • There are no additional charges or fees when becoming a BTA student.

  • There is no contract or cancellation charge.


What are the benefits of becoming a BTA Student?

  • Fee discount on all our courses and workshops.

  • Early bird priority booking on future courses and workshops.

  • A free BTA student T-shirt.

  • A BTA goody bag.

  • Discount on Bazan Talent Agency showreel packages at client rates.

  • Invitation to audition for representation at open auditions for the agency.

  • Opportunities for professional acting work and opportunities.

  • Support and help building your credits for your spotlight application within the theatre and screen industry.

How Do I Sign Up?

To sign up all you have to do is commence by booking any of our courses listed in our official programme.

For any questions or queries please e-mail: OR 

We look forward to welcoming you to class! 


Updated: January 2024

BTA Students : Our Acting Journeys so far!

Mazi Nashief

             MAZI NASHIEF

''This is my first year with BTA as a BTA student and throughout, I have felt nothing 

but support from Nathalie. My favourite course so far has been Uta Hagen, where I was

encouraged to think more deeply about developing a character.

The atmosphere of every class is always fun and relaxed, and for me it made me feel

safe to try new things and play around with characters, knowing that I'd always get support

and honest feedback from Nathalie. Class also fosters a supportive environment amongst 

fellow actors as well, where you feel encouragement from everyone else in the room. I feel that

these courses cater to all; there is something for everyone, whether you are a complete 

beginner or more experienced.''

Christopher Cook



''I've been training with BTA for just over a year, ever since hearing their name being very highly

spoken of whilst being on set for a short film. I booked myself onto the self tape course and cast me workshop. I was very nervous for both, but Nathalie and everyone in class, make sure that you're in a safe space with great people who are all there to grow- and have a laugh! I then went onto apply and won their Performer in Progress Award 2022 and since then have been training

with the Uta Hagen Course being my favourite. I have learnt and loved every minute of it. I am now as part of the pip award, am cast as the lead role of 'Giovanni' in John Fords 'Tis Pity She's A Whore' performing in March 2024. I am enjoying the start of my acting journey to the fullest and it would not be the same without Bazan Talent Agency.''

Aleesha Gill


''Becoming a BTA student has been such an amazing personal achievement. I went along to a showcase of the students work at the Midlands Arts Centre and was in awe of their confidence and talent, so I eagerly booked onto the Stella Adler course and Stanislavski course in May 2023. I was nervous and had not been to drama school and came from a completely different background. However, Nathalie was extremely welcoming and made it clear that it didn't matter where you came from or the experience you had, everyone was there to learn and grow. All the students displayed a genuine respect and kindness towards one another. The class took me out of my comfort zone but I always felt extremely safe and supported. I learnt so much valuable information about my techniques which allowed me to immerse myself in my performances and look in-depth into character development. As well as learning methods of acting I have completed a screen acting and self tape course which taught me practical skills of crucially an invaluable understanding of the industry.

Nathalie is extremely knowledgeable and turns up to every class with such passion and enthusiasm, it is a pleasure to be taught by someone who truly loves their craft. Book onto Spring 2024 now!''


''I began training with the BTA students a year ago and have loved my journey so far. When I first started the courses, as the youngest member, I immediately felt welcomed and supported by everyone there. I felt that I could be myself in this safe space that Nathalie has created for everyone. I have enjoyed all the courses but in particular Laban and Meisner as it completely changed my perspective on acting and how, as actors we use our bodies to portray a character. I'm looking forward to returning in Spring term 2024! Thank you so much Nathalie and the team.'' 

Katie Tranter



149-153 Alcester Rd, Moseley, Birmingham, B13 8JP

Bazan Talent Agency:

Tel: 07495127430




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