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At Bazan Talent Agency we are extremely passionate about the drama and acting training we deliver. We ensure that a professional and fun environment is maintained throughout our classes, enabling you as an actor to be in a safe creative space that allows you to learn at your own pace and grow in confidence in your chosen subject. 

Since 2018, we have successfully trained over 100 actors in various courses and workshops. Some have  gone on to drama school to continue their passion for acting, others have signed with the Bazan Talent Agency after recognising potential and growth, and many have decided to continue training alongside us, becoming an official BTA student.

Whether you are a beginner, a graduate, or an experienced actor who wishes to learn or brush up on their skills, we here at Bazan Talent Agency are ready to welcome you to class. We aim to support your acting journey, challenge you, as well as build new relationships and friendships within the acting community.

Our professional drama training consists of 5 week courses held at the Moseley Exchange here in Birmingham, and run from March-November of every year.


Our programmes (spring, summer, autumn and winter)  are designed to be able to offer you a variation of drama techniques and skills which will allow you to learn and exceed as an actor. 

From the teachings of Laban, Uta Hagen and Stanislavski--to script work, classical studies, composition, voice, body and wellbeing we; ensure we deliver high quality drama training to each class.

We also host our seasonal workshops, held on weekends, in which we invite special guests to teach, including  drama tutors, screen and theatre directors, casting directors and many more! 

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BTA student and client Christian Jae in

Uta Hagen Course  Term One 2020

Laban Course

BTA Students in our Laban Course- discovering the Laban technique and his eight efforts.

How to become a BTA Student

BTA Students in Laban Course
Uta Hagen Course Term One Luke Saldana a

How do I become a BTA Student?

  • To become a BTA student you simply need to have completed three courses in our official programme throughout the year. (Please click Courses and Workshops on menu tab bar.) The courses do not need to be consecutive and workshops unfortunately do not count.

  • There are no additional charges or fees when becoming a BTA student.

  • There is no contract or cancellation charge.


What are the benefits of becoming a BTA Student?

  • Fee discount on all our courses and workshops.

  • Early bird priority booking on future courses and workshops.

  • A free BTA student T-shirt.

  • A BTA goody bag.

  • Discount on Bazan Talent Agency showreel packages at client rates.

  • Invitation to audition for representation at open auditions for the agency.

  • Support and help building your credits for your spotlight application within the theatre and screen industry.

How Do I Sign Up?

To sign up all you have to do is commence by booking any of our courses listed in our official programme.

For any questions or queries please e-mail: 

We look forward to welcoming you to class!


Updated: 01.03.2022


Shaiek Ahmed Rana

                  Shaiek Ahmed-Rana

           BTA student 2019-present

Shaiek first joined us in the acting practical drama training course back in early 2019. He has then gone on to train in the Laban technique, the teachings of Uta Hagen, accents and phonetics, screen acting and self taping. He recently was offered representation with Bazan Talent Agency and became an official Spotlight member. He commences his first professional U.K open air theatre tour this summer 2021.

Amber Lowe

                        Amber Lowe

           BTA student 2019-2021

Amber joined us at our self tape 5 week course back in October 2019. She also completed the screen acting course with us last year in 2020 and was recently offered representation by Bazan Talent Agency where she has become an official client. She has also now become an official Spotlight young performer and member of Spotlight. Amber will be playing the lead role of 'Jordan' in a new pilot television series. 

Fattah Ahmed

                 Fattah Ahmed

       BTA student 2019-2021

Fattah first joined us in the self taping course back in 2019. He commences this years courses where he will be trained in the Laban technique, Voice Body and Wellbeing. He was recently offered representation from the agency as a non spotlight client after we recognised Fattah's potential and growth as an actor. He is also BTA's Performer in Progress Award 2020 official runner up.

Alexander Wolverson

             Alexander Wolverson

        BTA student 2019-2021

Alexander first joined us back in 2019 in our actors workshop. He since went on to complete the devising and composition course, screen acting, self tape and the Uta Hagen courses. He commences his training in the Laban technique, Voice, Body and wellbeing this spring. Alexander was offered representation by the agency as a non spotlight client after recognising his potential and growth as an actor. 


Amber Lowe

 ''Being a BTA student has definitely increased my confidence as well as my passion to pursue acting.''- Amber Lowe

Amber Lowe

'I first met the Bazan team in October 2019, and decided I needed to start investing in my acting. I felt slightly lost around this time, having left university with no clear pathway, so when Nathalie mentioned the BTA classes to me, I knew it was something I wanted and needed to do. Having done a theatre degree, I started with the screen acting and self taping course to begin with. The self tape course taught me the essential do's and don'ts as well as giving me the opportunity to explore different characters, methods and scripts. Nathalie and Idriss were so welcoming and supportive and they has so much knowledge and tips to share with the class. I left feeling very confident on how to self tape professionally! I then started the screen acting course which was a breath of fresh air! After feeling demotivated  and uninspired for a few months, being able to connect with like minded actors and creators was amazing! Being a BTA student has definitely increased my confidence, as well as my determination to pursue acting. Since I first met Nathalie she has been provided guidance and feedback with my acting journey, she has been so helpful and reassuring. I would recommend the BTA classes to anyone who would benefit from guidance, or for anyone who wants to do something creative! I was thrilled when I was offered representation by the agency, and I look forward to coming back to class this spring term!'


''BTA classes are a safe environment for any actor. You can totally be yourself and be open and you will never feel you are being judged instead you are understood''-Fattah Ahmed

Alexander Wolverson

''BTA classes are fun, educational and have helped me to develop into a confident and capable actor.''

-Alexander Wolverson

Fattah Ahmed 

'I discovered about Bazan Talent Agency and the courses through a friend and after finding out that they accept anyone from any background ( I had no professional acting experience) , and anyone was welcome to class. I booked myself on to the self tape course and remember feeling very nervous on my first day of class not knowing what to expect. I also remember feeling intimated by the other actors who had much more experience than me but this quickly became feeling inspired as everyone was so friendly and helpful and so eager to learn. During the self tape course I was amazed to see how much goes into self taping. Nathalie even bought a friend from the BBC to our final class so that we could perform our duologues to them. Nathalie always provides me with honest feedback, and told me that I had potential but  that work still had to be done! I took her advice and attended the Uta Hagen course, where I learnt many acting techniques and Uta Hagens 9 questions which is a technique I use to this day. The class was again filled with actors who bought so much passion and eagerness and Nathalie always creates a safe environment for any actor. You can totally be yourself and be open and you will never feel like you are being judged instead you are understood. Every time a BTA course ends I feel more confident as an actor. I genuinely believe that had I had not found out about the agency or its classes I believe I would not be pursuing my dreams and passion to be an actor.  am now signed with Bazan Talent Agency as an official client and I am proud of my journey so far, and the journey continues...' 

Alexander Wolverson 

'I first met Nathalie at an Uta Hangen workshop. I remember sitting at the back of the room crippled with anxiety and insecurity. These emotions were quickly remedied by the group’s friendly, inclusive and supportive nature. I left that short first session with a newly discovered confidence, and eagerness to return. I have since attended many of Nathalie’s workshops and classes, each time learning invaluable skills and building my confidence. Each class teaches theoretical knowledge with its practical application.  It is often the highlight of my week attending Nathalie’s classes. I am able to work with new and familiar faces, where I have learned from professional actors and made friends. These experiences have really changed me. Nathalie’s classes are fun, educational and have helped me to develop into a confident and capable actor. I did not follow the traditional route of attending drama school/university and have often thought that it would be impossible to become a professional actor at my age. I have a passion for acting, which Nathalie has fostered and developed. These classes really do give actors the skills and knowledge to succeed. With hard work, dedication and a little talent, these classes will help you to realise your potential and flourish.'



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Due to the current situation with Covid-19 and in accordance with governmental guidelines and advice, Bazan Talent Agency are taking all appropriate measures to ensure your safety during our sessions.

If you have any questions or queries please e-mail: 

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